Taliban Leaders Force Face Coverings on Afghanistan’s Women TV Anchors

Taliban Leaders Force Face Coverings on Afghanistan's Women TV Anchors

Taliban Leaders Impose Gruesome New Orders

(TruthandLiberty.com) – In the wake of the US military pullout of Afghanistan, many people expressed concern the Taliban would revert the country to the harsh or unreasonable treatment of women. From 1996 to 2001, POLITICO noted that the terrorist group exerted overwhelming restrictions on Afghan women and forced them to wear full head coverings. It also prevented them from participating in public life or obtaining any education. Now, the Taliban is reverting to one restriction on the media.

In September, the Taliban seemingly moderated some of its views on women. It announced no dress code but, in recent weeks, has begun to make a shift. In early May, the Taliban ordered all women to wear head-to-toe clothing leaving only their eyes visible. The government said it would charge violators, including their male relatives who are legally responsible for women’s actions, with crimes, and they could face punishment for the women’s violation of the dress code. On Thursday, May 19, the Taliban government issued a decree requiring all female news media members to cover their faces while broadcasting.

For a short time, some broadcasters ignored the ruling. By Sunday, that changed as women on television wore niqab veils. The Taliban’s Vice and Virtue Ministry said it would not provide any exceptions to the rules for women broadcasters and said the matter was “non-negotiable.”

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