Swiss Court to Allow Extradition of Russian Businessman to US

Swiss Court to Allow Extradition of Russian Businessman to US

( – The US government is working diligently to bring Russian business people who break the law to justice. On March 21, the Swiss justice ministry detained Kremlin-linked Russian businessman Vladislav Klyushin, whom the US wanted on a warrant. Klyushin’s company offers cyber-security services and media monitoring. His clients include the Russian government and Russian President Vladimir Putin. At the time of his arrest, Klyushin was visiting Switzerland on a family ski trip.

A Massachusetts court agreed to issue a warrant when federal authorities determined Klyushin enriched himself by tens of millions of dollars thanks to hacking confidential information from US corporations. In June, the Swiss Federal Office of Justice approved the Russian businessman’s extradition to the United States. Swiss authorities rejected an appeal by the Russian government after asking if Switzerland would host a trial, adding Klyushin didn’t break any Swiss laws, an important test in extradition cases.

On December 13, another Swiss court dealt the business mogul and Kremlin another disappointing outcome. The judge rejected an argument the US was singling out Klyushin as a victim of a US political campaign to catch him on insider trading charges. The court said it had no reason to question the US judicial system and American officials provided sufficient grounds for trying Klyushin in the United States.

Klyushin’s attorney is appealing to Switzerland’s Supreme Court in one last desperate attempt.

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