Supreme Court Weighs Whether Attorneys General Can Defend Trump’s Immigration Rule

Supreme Court Weighs Whether Attorneys General Can Defend Trumps Immigration Rule

( – In 2019, the Trump administration moved to deny immigrants entry into the United States if they were likely to become dependent on government assistance programs. The former president argued America should only be accepting immigrants who contribute to society, not those who become dependent upon taxpayer dollars. Additionally, the administration expanded the criteria to determine whether an immigrant would become dependent on government welfare programs. It’s known as a public charge.

Democrats took the administration to court over the issue. Soon after Joe Biden assumed office in January 2021, the government reversed course and rescinded the rule in March 2021. Republican attorneys general jumped in and wanted to defend the policy in place of the Trump administration after Biden’s Justice Department reversed course.

On Wednesday, February 23, the US Supreme Court heard whether or not the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco should have allowed the Republican AGs to defend the public charge rule on behalf of the former administration no longer in power. The GOP attorneys general argued the Biden administration disregarded the public charge rule in violation of the law.

Most of the Supreme Court Justices appeared to side with state AGs. Still, some wondered why the states didn’t bring new lawsuits claiming the administration violated the Administrative Procedures Act (APA) instead of arguing the old case. Even Justice Elana Kagan, one of the three liberals on the court, argued the position with the state AGs.

Stay tuned. The Supreme Court could rule on the case as early as this spring.

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