Steve Bannon Throws Daggers at Fox News

Steve Bannon Throws Daggers at Fox News

Fox News SHAKEUP – Steve Bannon Thinks He Knows Their Plan

( – As America looks toward the 2022 midterm election, the country is enduring high gas prices, record-breaking inflation, embarrassments overseas, and numerous culture wars. After reflecting on Trump’s presidency for a year, Conservatives are grateful for the 45th president’s actions to take America back from its leftward trajectory. Yet, many may wonder if Trump is right for the presidential nomination heading into 2024. Former Trump confidant Steve Bannon isn’t buying it. Instead, he believes Fox News is driving a wedge by supporting Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Support for DeSantis

In 2020 and 2021, DeSantis led the conservative charge against far-left Democrats who locked down their states, destroyed their economies, and forced people to live under government mandates. In October 2020, the Florida governor was the first to reopen his state fully. Since then, DeSantis ordered masks off, fought school and county mandates, and worked with the state legislature to confront critical race theory and other culture war issues the Left had enacted in Florida. The governor and President Joe Biden have gone toe to toe on numerous occasions as well.

On Tuesday, June 22, Fox News reported DeSantis polled higher in New Hampshire than Trump. Several surveys show DeSantis as the current favorite among GOP voters if Trump decides not to run. If the former president does try for a second term, DeSantis is likely to finish at a close second.

In many ways, some voters believe DeSantis is Trump without the former president’s political baggage. Over the last month, Fox News has promoted the Florida governor as a potential 2024 GOP presidential nominee. The outlet praised DeSantis’ fundraising prowess, and polls in several states show him running ahead of or close to the former president if the governor chooses to run.

On Thursday, June 23, Newsweek reported Bannon’s claim that Fox News has turned on Trump. On Gettr, the former Trump advisor noted media outlets owned by the Murdoch family, which own Fox News, urged readers to let Trump go and find a Republican alternative with a better chance of winning the White House.

Bannon Gets Personal

In a straightforward statement, the political strategist and American media executive stated the Murdochs aren’t Americans; they’re Australians who migrated to England and then the United States. The former Trump confidant said they’ve never sacrificed a single thing for the United States. Now, they’re turning their media empire on the former president after supporting him since 2015.

Bannon added the Murdochs don’t have a good sense of America or its people.

Regardless, neither Trump nor DeSantis have committed to running in 2024. The Florida governor is currently running for re-election. Still, Trump has made strong overtures indicating he intends to take on Biden again.

So, does Bannon have a point, or is Fox News following a developing trend?

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