States Want What Banned From Schools?

Photo by CDC on Unsplash

( – A high school teacher in California claimed that there were students in her classroom watching Netflix on their phones during the class. A chemistry teacher in Maryland had argued that students were also using gambling apps to place bets even during the day. 

Across the United States several educators have reported that students frequently send Snapchat messages in class, online shop, listen to music, or use their smartphones as a distraction during teaching hours. There has been a lot of documentation about the hold that phones currently have on adolescents in the United States today. The teachers have also argued that parents were not often aware of the extent to which students were using their phones during class sessions. 

Educators and experts have also been pushing for banning phones during class. 

James Granger argued that students in the past had an understanding that phones should not be used in class. However, those days are long gone. Granger noted that during his science classes, he had pushed for people to place their phones in a “cellphone cubby” that had numbered slots. He argued that this was the one solution that he had found to be effective in getting cell phones physically removed from students. 

The majority of schools have already placed rules that would regulate student phones, however, those rules are not always enforced. There is also a large number of state and federal leaders who have started to enforce bans on school cell phones and have been pushing forward other suggestions that would curb access to cellphone devices in schools.

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