Squad Democrat Unleashes Hate-Filled Attack at Christians on Easter

Squad Democrat Unleashes Hate-Filled Attack at Christians on Easter

(TruthandLiberty.com) – Since 2019, Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN) has had difficulty with Judaism. The Muslim representative made anti-Semitic remarks landing her in trouble with both the Democratic and Republican parties on two occasions. Now, she appears to be unleashing more hate, except this time, it seems Omar directed it toward Christians.

On Saturday evening, April 16, a man broke out a guitar on a flight bound for Germany and led several people in the cabin to worship Jesus through songs he played. Sunday was Easter, the day Christians celebrate Jesus’ resurrection and triumph over death and sin. Omar offered a sly remark, saying the next time she’s on a plane with her family, they’ll break out in a prayer session. She asked, “how do you think it will end?”

Several GOP candidates chimed in. Georgia congressional candidate Vernon Jones asked Omar why she hates Christians. Florida congressional candidate Jose Castillo said in the United States, Muslims do pray in public but appear to want a country where Christians can’t. If that’s the case, Castillo said Omar could go back to Somalia. Cicely Davis is running as a GOP primary candidate in Minnesota. She stated Omar hates Christians, Jews, and lots of Muslims.

So, you decide… was the worship appropriate on a flight? Was Omar right to make a hate-filled attack on Christians?

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