Soros-Backed Group Launches Disinformation Campaign

Soros-Backed Group Launches Disinformation Campaign

Democrats Are Scrambling – Terrifying Money Trail Proves It

( – Democrats are deeply concerned about Hispanic voters moving to the Right, along with their electoral chances to hold majorities in Congress, statehouses, and the presidency for years or decades to come. Two liberal political operatives with no production experience apparently raised $80 million to purchase 18 radio stations across the country. Far-left George Soros backed the money to secure the deal through one of his groups, Lakestar Finance.

A former staffer for the Obama administration, Stephanie Valencia, and Democratic campaigner Jess Morales Rocketto formed the Latino Media Network (LMN) to create radio content they referred to as “relevant” and trustworthy for the Hispanic community. They said they consider the fight against “disinformation” in the Spanish-speaking groups a top priority for Democrats. LMN bought two conservative stations in Florida.

After the announcement, left-leaning politicians hailed the move, and the GOP expressed deep concern. Rep. Darren Soto (D-FL) tweeted the purchase was a win against propaganda.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) took out a Spanish-speaking radio ad to warn voters Soros and Democrats were infiltrating the conservative state with left-wing ideology. The Republican Party of Florida also chimed in on the action, denouncing LMN’s agenda. State GOP members noted the company’s leftist origins demonstrated how socialist players have no limits on how far they’ll go to spread their narrative across the country. Several conservative Hispanic commentators left the stations for Americano Media.

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