Sky News Reports “Worst Day by Far” In Afghanistan

Sky News Reports

( – The situation in Afghanistan continues to deteriorate following the Taliban’s takeover of Kabul. On Saturday, August 21, Sky News, a Fox News sister station in England, reported it was the worst day by far in the worn-torn country. The US embassy in Afghanistan advised US citizens to avoid the chaos at the Kabul airport. The embassy added Americans should only go to the area if they’ve received individual instructions from the US government.

As warnings of security threats outside the airfield perimeter loomed, sixteen C-17 and C-130 military cargo planes flew 6,000 people out of Kabul. However, only a few hundred people who boarded the aircraft out of Afghanistan were Americans. While the administration says it’s working diligently to get US citizens out of Afghanistan, most remain stuck.

Making matters worse, the Taliban drew a red line in the sand. The terrorist group says all Americans and US military must be out of Afghanistan by August 31, as per their agreement, or there will be consequences.

On Sunday, Secretary of State Antony Blinken acknowledged that the US government was caving to the Taliban’s demands. There’s not much else officials can do at this point; as more evacuation efforts are expected in the days to come.

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