Sheriff Issues Stern Warning To Republican Governor

Photo by Scott Rodgerson on Unsplash

An Arizona county sheriff on Saturday expressed his frustrations with Gov. Doug Ducey’s constant movement of large shipping containers to the border. These are used to construct a wall that will secure the border wall’s holes.

Sheriff David Hathaway told FOX 10 Phoenix, that the containers, which are now around 6 miles from Santa Cruz County, will not be contained in his county. He also added that this entire endeavor is considered “illegal dumping.”

The sheriff also noted how those containers were currently being placed on federal and national forest land. As this is neither state nor private land, and the federal government has not endorsed the placement of the containers, then the move is illegal. He added that it is his job as the sheriff to charge the people who are going against the laws of his county with the relevant crime.

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey has been carrying on with his shipping container operations since last summer. Since then, he has also filed a lawsuit against the federal government after he was told that he was not allowed to continue double stacking the 100 containers that he has been using to fill the gaps in the wall in both federal and tribal lands near Yuma.