Senate Parliamentarian Won’t Allow Amnesty

Senate Parliamentarian Won’t Allow Amnesty

( – On Sunday, September 19, the Senate parliamentarian blew a massive hole in the Democrat’s immigration plan. Unable to overcome a Republican filibuster, Democrats hoped to convince Elizabeth MacDonough that legalizing millions of illegal immigrants and putting them on a path to citizenship was a financial, budgetary matter to the United States.

Under the Senate rules of reconciliation, members can only consider issues that impact the federal budget, not policy matters. Still, in a go-it-alone partisan bill, Democrats are trying to stuff their recent $3.5 trillion “human” infrastructure legislation with immigration policy.

MacDonough wrote that the budget matter was “merely incidental” to immigration and that it was a pure policy-driven agenda justified by a budgetary matter. Therefore, it doesn’t qualify to be in the bill.

On Monday, Democrats agreed they would not try to circumvent the parliamentarian’s ruling. How they could overcome her objection is difficult to see. In reality, the matter regarding the $3.5 trillion legislation is dead.

Democrats could try to bring immigration proposals through regular legislation. However, a bill would need 10 Republican votes to overcome a filibuster. As long as the Senate is equally divided, and Democrats don’t have enough votes to overcome a 60-vote threshold, their immigration reforms won’t be going anywhere.

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