Sebastian Gorka Calls for “Political Battle”

Sebastian Gorka Calls for

( – An official who served under former President Donald Trump is speaking out this week against the United States House Select Committee on the January 6 Attack. Dr. Sebastian Gorka accuses the group of engaging in political warfare, citing their plan to subpoena his telephone records from Verizon as proof. The Conservative analyst is more than happy to “go to a political battle” with the Committee.

At an event for Turning Point USA, Gorka told the crowd telecom provider Verizon had informed him the Select Committee had subpoenaed his telephone records. They gave him a total of 15 days to respond to the subpoena with an injunction. If he fails to follow through, the company will hand his records over to the government.

Gorka wants to know what, exactly, the Committee accuses him of doing, as the subpoena doesn’t make any sense to him. The documents provided to him by Verizon contain absolutely no accusation or suggestion of criminal activity. Instead, they only mention his failure to deliver a speech in front of the Supreme Court building during the events of January 6.

That last point is essential. The Supreme Court was not in session at the time, and Gorka says he was scheduled to deliver a standard speech to Trump supporters — one he says never materialized because President Trump’s appearance ran too long.

While Gorka is adamant he’s done nothing wrong, the analyst sees the subpoena as an opportunity to make a point. Specifically, he intends to use the Committee’s attack to raise awareness about the Fourth Amendment, which prevents the undue seizure of property or private data (including telephone records). He intends to launch a counter-narrative proving the Democratic Party is actively violating the Constitution in a bid to further their own agenda.

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