Sean Penn Says He’s Heading to Ukraine to Take on the Russians Himself

Sean Penn Says He's Heading to Ukraine to Take on the Russians Himself

( – Many Americans feel passionate about what’s happening as Russia bombards Ukraine. Count among them actor Sean Penn. Over the last year, Penn has been creating a documentary to share what’s been happening in Ukraine since Russia first threatened the country. In February, he flew to Ukraine to see and experience the war himself. The documentary featured Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and the Ukrainian military in the days leading up to the Russian invasion.

After spending time in Ukraine, Penn said he considered joining its people in defense of the country. The actor noted he was fueling his vehicle recently in Brentwood, California, when the thought crossed his mind to take up arms and join Ukraine against Russia. The Ukrainian embassy told Newsweek Penn demonstrates courage others, especially Western politicians, lack. The Ukrainian government called Penn a true friend who supports the struggle for freedom.

In an interview with Hollywood Authentic magazine, Penn said he intends to return to Ukraine despite the uncertainty of what he can offer the country. The actor noted one reason he wants to return is his curiosity regarding war’s psychological and emotional effects. In February, Penn tweeted his opinion, stating if America allowed Ukraine to take on Russia alone, the nation would lose its soul. Perhaps Penn feels compelled to act on his beliefs.

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