SEAL Who Was on Team Who Killed Bin Laden Speaks Out on Gender Hysteria

SEAL Who Was on Team Who Killed Bin Laden Speaks Out on Gender Hysteria

High-Ranking Navy SEAL BLASTS Military Makeover

( – Across America, Conservatives and common sense Americans have expressed concern about schools teaching gender hysteria. Now, it seems the madness may be spreading to the military. In a world where words are important and can be the difference between life and death in both peacetime and combat, it seems the military is prioritizing gender pronouns. According to a new instructional video the US Navy recently released, spokespeople said it was considerate to use the correct pronouns when addressing others to avoid misgendering them.

Naval Undersea Warfare engineers Jony Rozon and Conchy Vasquez wore rainbow-colored shirts in the video footage. The two engineers said using correct pronouns and inclusive language affirms a person’s identity, shows respect, and creates safe spaces. The two video hosts gave examples of what not to say and how to recover if one accidentally misgenders a colleague.

The message didn’t sit well with a former SEAL Team 6 member who killed terrorist Osama Bin Laden. On Monday, June 20, Robert O’Neill tweeted there’s a simple way to solve the problem for the Navy, and it wouldn’t cost millions of taxpayer dollars on worthless training.

On Wednesday afternoon, the former SEAL’s twitter post garnered over 18,000 Likes and 2,600 retweets.

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