SCOTUS May Soon Hear Case Against Democrat Judges

SCOTUS May Soon Hear Case Against Democrat Judges

Democrats MELT DOWN After SCOTUS Makes This Stunning Announcement

( – Over the last several years, redistricting has become a struggle between state legislatures and state supreme courts in two states. The Constitution specifies that every 10 years, states must redetermine how many representatives in Congress each state will have as determined by its population, but some Democrats have opposed recently proposed changes in right-leaning regions. Surprisingly, America’s founding document remains silent about how to determine elections and never established districts. Now, the US Supreme Court may need to step in to help states clarify congressional redistricting rules.

In Pennsylvania and North Carolina, Democratic state Supreme Courts have overruled GOP-led state legislatures and taken it upon themselves to redraw districts. In March, North Carolina Republicans sued in federal court after the state Supreme Court nullified the congressional boundaries its lawmakers created — citing the state Constitution and gerrymandering as the reason. But does a state Supreme Court have the authority to override a state legislature’s redrawn district?

The US Supreme Court needs four justices to agree to hear a case before it takes a matter. Brett Kavanaugh, Samuel Alito, Clarence Thomas, and Neil Gorsuch said they were open to hearing the case. In March, Kavanaugh wrote that the issue wouldn’t resolve itself, and the Supreme Court would need to decide whether state courts can unilaterally design congressional districts when they disagree with the legislature.

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