Schumer Plans To Spend 22 Million Dollars on Lanternflies

Schumer Plans To Spend 22 Million Dollars on Lanternflies

Schumer Wants To Waste Millions On The Tiniest Of Problems

( – Berks County, Pennsylvania, was the first place someone noticed the spotted lanternfly in the United States. While the bug boasts beautiful colors, it’s a danger to trees. The tiny creature could cost the Keystone State’s economy $300 million. Originally hailing from China, the insect is rapidly gaining territory in the US, and it’s gotten the attention of Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY).

The invasive species have emerged all over parts of New York. On Sunday, the Senate Majority Leader announced he wants Congress to appropriate $22 million to help the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) fight the lanternfly. The New York Post reported sightings in Central Park and at wineries upstate. The insect feeds on sap from over 70 varieties of trees, depriving them of moisture and nutrients. It’s especially harmful to fruit species.

Cornell University and New York State University are researching ways to contain and eradicate the deadly vegetative insect. Schumer encouraged the public to help. While the creature hurts vegetation and the economy, the lanternfly isn’t directly harmful to humans. It doesn’t bite or sting.

The Democratic leader demanded the USDA send teams to the Empire State immediately to fight the lanternflies. Still, since Pennsylvania has struggled to quarantine the spotted lanternfly for years, why did Schumer wait until it hit New York to act?

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