School to Ban Grading Over “Equity” in California

School to Ban Grading Over

( – In most of the United States, teachers determine grades by how well their students master the subject material. In one state, the standard could be evolving. We’re all familiar with the centuries-old grading method that measures a student’s learning proficiency on a scale of A to F. Now, California wants to change it.

Some residents in the Golden State argue the old grading system needs revision to consider racial achievement gaps. School administrators hope changes will lead to improved student grades.

Since schools shut down across the country in 2020 to combat COVID-19 and protect students, teachers and families, grades have suffered. Currently, only 46% of California students who will graduate in 2022 meet the state university requirements for admission. To solve the problem of inequality and low grades, some school districts want to include “equity” as part of the grading scale. Concessions include allowing students to retake tests until they pass them satisfactorily, eliminating deadlines and ignoring student behavior in grading.

Some residents question whether this is the proper approach to take and wonder if boosting scores artificially will mean students won’t be ready for the rigors of college academia. Many agree allowing students to retest makes sense. Most also suggest allowing students to ignore deadlines and turn in work late sets them up for failure later in life.

Does this experiment with California’s students sound like a good idea to you?

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