Saudi Arabia Shows How Biden Contradicted Himself

Saudi Arabia Shows How Biden Contradicted Himself

The Saudis Just Made A Fool Of Joe Biden

( – Once again, America’s fist-bumping gaffe machine embarrassed himself on the world stage. On Saturday, July 16, President Joe Biden visited Saudi Arabia to persuade leaders to increase oil production and normalize relations with Israel. In the process, Saudi Arabia contradicted Biden on at least two accounts relating to the visit.

While Biden turns to Saudi Arabia and scorns US oil producers, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) points out a gross mistake. The crown prince says he’d informed Biden that his energy policies were unrealistic, adding the Middle Eastern country’s oil-producing capabilities are almost at full capacity. MBS said Saudi Arabia could increase production to 13 million barrels per day, but not until 2027. The statement is a striking blow to a president claiming he’s doing everything possible to lower American gas prices at the pump.

After Biden stated Saudi Arabia agreed to partner on green energy initiatives, MBS also warned the United States that abandoning fossil fuels would create severe economic turmoil, significantly increasing inflation in the years to come by forcing energy prices even higher. The crown prince warned if that happened, people would lose jobs.

A day earlier, Biden said opening its sky to all airlines would lead to normalization between Israel and Saudi Arabia. Still, Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan said the decision had nothing to do with Israel and wasn’t an indication of upcoming policy changes.

So, did Biden gaffe again? Why would Saudi Arabia contradict the US president? You decide.

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