Satanic Temple Requests City Hall Fly Their Flag Following SCOTUS Flag Ruling

Satanic Temple Requests City Hall Fly Their Flag Following SCOTUS Flag Ruling

Satanic Temple Instantly Responds To SCOTUS Ruling

( – The US Supreme Court ruled against the City of Boston on Monday, May 2, after it denied a civic group’s request to fly a Christian flag from one of three flag poles in front of City Hall. The Court unanimously agreed Boston violated the First Amendment, and the city was not endorsing or making a statement about religion by flying the flag.

It appears what’s suitable for one religious group is just as good for another. Now, a Satanic Temple based in Salem, Massachusetts, is requesting the City of Boston fly its flag to celebrate Satanic Appreciation Week between July 23-29. The request is bound to drive criticism, and that’s likely what the group is looking for, based on moves by other Satanic Temple factions.

Will Boston Be Required to Fly the Satanic Flag?

In the wake of the Supreme Court decisions affirming the flying of the Christian flag over City Hall, Lucien Greaves said religious liberty is dependent on government neutrality regarding religious viewpoints. The co-founder of the Satanic Temple added the country isn’t practicing religious liberty if the government is allowed to show a preference for one religion over another. Instead, Greaves said it’s a theocracy.

On Monday, the Supreme Court made it clear Boston violated the Constitution by discriminating against a religious group’s viewpoint. City leaders told the Associated Press they aren’t sure what to do at this point. Officials are still mulling over the Supreme Court’s ruling and, in light of it, are making proposed changes to the city’s rules in accordance with the unanimous ruling by the nation’s High Court.

Satanic Temple Makes Political Points Across the Country

Now that the Supreme Court ruling established Boston couldn’t discriminate against religious groups, the Satanic Temple wants in on the action. The group says it isn’t sure which flag it will fly. Greaves said they have several flags. One option resembles the US flag. It boasts black and white stripes and an icon of a pentagram and goat skull in place of the 50 stars.

The Associated Press reported the Satanic Temple was founded in the 1960s and has no relation to the Church of Satan. The Satanic Temple says the group doesn’t believe in Satan and is a non-theistic religious organization promoting secularism and the separation of church and state.

Over the last several years, the group has initiated legal challenges all over the country. In January 2021, it sued Boston for opening prayers held during public meetings, arguing they were unconstitutional and discriminatory against atheists and secularists. It also forwarded a letter to the Food and Drug Administration arguing that abortion is a part of its religion and that preventing access to abortion violates its religious freedoms.

So, stay tuned. There’s bound to be much more to this story in the coming days and weeks.

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