Sarah Palin Takes Action Against “Trans” Athlete Breaking Women’s Swimming Records

Sarah Palin Takes Action Against

( – Sarah Palin, the former governor of Alaska (R), hasn’t had much media presence since she was John McCain’s running mate against Barack Obama. However, she recently spoke with Breitbart in an exclusive interview, and the Republican let the world know exactly how she felt about transgenderism.

No Holding Back

Former Governor Palin discussed University of Pennsylvania Swimmer Lia Thomas, who was biologically born a male but identifies as a woman. Palin asserted Thomas is a “dude” and expressed her dismay at the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) for allowing Thomas and other transgender athletes to participate in women’s swimming competitions.

Thomas has been smashing records in the competition, sometimes by 40-50 seconds, something Palin says people don’t see in the sport. The former governor attributed Thomas’ success to being biologically male.

Palin asked if it ever crossed anyone’s mind about who allows this to happen as she claimed “normal” people certainly don’t. She urged her fellow Republicans and Conservatives to become more involved with culture and politics to put an end to the issue. The former governor noted she understands many of them are busy raising families, working or running businesses but insisted they must find time to engage in culture and create change.

Becoming an Issue

While some people don’t see the harm in males transitioning into females, some problems do arise. In the case of Thomas and other athletes, men are physically more capable than their female counterparts; that’s why there are separate sports. The fact these men are biologically male yet, compete in female sports gives them an unfair advantage.

As Palin pointed out, they’re faster and more robust, allowing them to dominate women’s sports. Not to mention some of these men identifying as women use women’s bathrooms, which some feel puts women and girls at risk. The same goes for prisons, where men calling themselves women want to be incarcerated as such. Biology can’t be changed.

Taking a Stand

Palin’s interview is likely a breath of fresh air for one woman as she recently resigned from her position because she couldn’t support what Thomas was doing. Now a former USA Swimming official, Cynthia Millen noted Thomas and athletes like him are destroying women’s swimming and other sports. Millen, a swim official for over 30 years, explained sports are about bodies competing against each other, not identities.

She asserted men and women are built differently; a man’s physicality gives him a significant advantage over a woman in sports endeavors requiring strength and endurance. Millen mentioned it doesn’t matter how many testosterone suppressing supplements Thomas takes. In the final analysis, he is still biologically male and will always hold an advantage over female competitors, citing men’s larger frame, heart, lungs and better circulation.

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