Sarah Palin Slams Ocasio-Cortez for “Creepy” Comments

Sarah Palin Slams Ocasio-Cortez for

( – For over a year, Democrats have attacked Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for choosing to keep his state open during the pandemic. The popular Republican argued that the government should respect the Constitution even during the pandemic. The left argued that not shutting down the state, forcing people to wear masks and mandating vaccines would cost lives. Then, reality set in.

Over the last few months, vacationers and the media spotted lockdown politicians in Florida. Is it a surprise that Gov. DeSantis says it’s the freest state in the country? Among the hypocritical fearmongering politicians discovered unmasked and not socially distancing was Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY). In December, Florida conservative journalist Brendon Leslie caught AOC partying at a bar in Miami while the Omicron variant was spreading across the country. When many observers criticized her hypocrisy, the Democratic socialist blamed it on sex-starved Republicans who can’t date her. Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin said deflection is all the left has in their arsenal.

Palin Says AOC’s Comments Are Creepy

Critics say that a maskless AOC is just fine with them. What is troublesome is that the Democratic socialist advocates for harsh mitigation orders against her own constituents and fearmongers about Florida — then vacations in the Sunshine State. To make matters worse, she accuses anyone who criticizes her of having deranged sexual frustrations.

On Monday, January 10, Palin appeared on Fox News Primetime with host Rachel Campos-Duffy. Palin stated that AOC seems to have a creepy junior high obsession with sex. The former vice-presidential candidate further said that when liberals and socialists need to deflect from the obvious, they throw out race or sexism charges.

Palin stated that where AOC is concerned, her ammo is sex and gender when she needs to divert attention from a fact. The former Alaska governor then took AOC to task, saying liberals want to draw recognition to private matters of the bedroom and make sex an issue where there isn’t one, for political gain and to avoid accountability.

AOC’s Argument May Backfire

Palin pointed out that AOC’s tactics don’t work. Leslie echoed the governor’s sentiment. He said he posted the video of her because she is a lying hypocrite, not because he wants to sleep with her.

A New York University study that spanned from 1972 to 2018 showed that Americans consider sexuality, political identities and gender roles to be private matters that don’t influence the majority of people’s politics. Yet, far-left Democrats like AOC continue to push narratives that don’t matter to most voters.

So, why does AOC believe people are obsessed with their sex life? Perhaps it says more about her than it does Republicans who simply don’t care. In fact, her immature statements may backfire on her as voters look for adults to lead America.

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