Sam Elliot Stands Against Liberal Narrative in Popular Movie

Sam Elliot Stands Against Liberal Narrative in Popular Movie

( – Actor Sam Elliot knows westerns. The 77-year-old’s career boasts credits in some of the most famous movies of the genre of all time. He was in “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid,” “Tombstone,” and most recently, the hit show “1883.” Yet, his opinion of a new western has him in the doghouse with liberals.

On the Popular podcast “WTF,” host Marc Maron discussed the movie “The Power of the Dog,” a western starring British actor Benjamin Cumberbatch. Elliot called the film a “piece of s**t” and went on to say he took issue with the overall theme, calling it out for its “allusions to homosexuality.”

Elliot referred to the cast and wardrobe as Chippendales dancers, “those dancers, those guys in New York that wear bow ties and not much else.” He took issue with the movie’s director, Jane Campion, for her entire approach.

First and foremost, Elliot points out the movie was filmed in New Zealand, using a British actor for the lead, to portray Montana in the 1920s. Elliot’s complaints about the film, which received 13 Oscar nominations, start with Cumberbatch’s character being a closeted homosexual cowboy but don’t end there.

Nothing about the film is authentic, according to the seasoned actor. Problems he found particularly frustrating included small nuances like the wardrobe. For example, Elliot pointed out Cumberbatch’s character wears one of two sets of chaps every time he enters a scene, but he’s never just come off a horse.

The western actor laces his criticisms with colorful profanities throughout the podcast. Do you think he’s justified?

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