Russian Troops “Accidentally” Shooting Down Own Aircraft

Russian Troops

( – On Thursday, March 31, the United Kingdom’s top spy chief spoke at Australian National University. He made a shocking revelation about Russia’s military fighting force considering the Russian invasion of Ukraine is only a little more than a month old. Sir Jeremy Fleming noted Russia’s military morale was decimated. He claimed intelligence sources say some soldiers have refused to carry out their orders, sabotaged their own equipment, and in one case, accidentally shot down their own fighter jet.

Fleming said the West tried to warn Putin he would fail. When he did, the Russian president turned to plan B, which is turning out to be more barbaric as he bombs civilians, cities, and nuclear power plants. Britain’s top spy added Putin misjudged Ukraine and dismissed their resistance against his supposedly superior conventional military force and its ability to secure a rapid victory.

On Wednesday, White House Communications Director Kate Bedingfield told reporters Putin feels misled by senior military advisers. She said they are too afraid to inform the Russian president about the truth of how badly the war is going in Ukraine. The communications director added tension between Putin and his leaders has become evident, which could work in the West’s favor.

Russia is continuing its offensive but has struggled to take Kyiv and other major cities.

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