Russia Targets the United States, CC BY 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Russia Targets the United States

Several U.S. airport websites were down on Monday morning after Killnet, a Russian-backed hacking group, launched a cyber attack.

The Atlanta and Los Angeles international airports were 2 of the 14 airports that had their websites down because of the attack.

In a tweet that has since been deleted, they wrote “ATL’s website ( is up and running after an incident early this morning that made it inaccessible to the public. An investigation into the cause of the incident is underway. At no time were operations at the airport impacted.”

Last week, Killnet also said that it had brought many U.S. state government websites offline in many places including Colorado, Mississippi, and Kentucky.

The hacking group posted on Telegram a list of all of the state websites that it was going to be targeting. The list included government pages in Florida, Alabama, Delaware, and Hawaii.

They also posted a photo with the captions “USA OFFLINE” and “F— NATO”. The captions were posted in English. The graphic image showed the Statue of Liberty surrounded by explosions.

Killnet has said that they have also launched a number of cyberattacks against many NATO members. The list of countries that have been affected includes Estonia and Lithuania. The extent of the attacks that Killnet is launching is not always clear or directly felt by all websites.

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