Russia Planning New “War Crime” Bombing, Reports Suggest

Russia Planning New

( – In recent days, several European governments have accused Russia of committing war crimes, including attacking civilians along humanitarian corridors, using certain prohibited weapons and hitting nuclear facilities. Since Russia invaded Ukraine at the end of February, the Russian Navy and Army have worked to secure southern Ukraine and its ports along the Black Sea. Now, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is warning that Russia may be preparing to commit another war crime.

On Sunday, March 6, Zelenskyy released a video saying he expects Russia to bomb the country’s third-largest city. Odesa is a crucial shipping port on the Black Sea and has nearly one million people. In an appeal to Russia and Russian President Vladimir Putin, Zelenskyy said Odesa is a destination city for Russians, where they have always felt welcomed. Now, Zelenskyy says, if Putin rains missiles and artillery fire on the port city, it would be a historic war crime. He pleaded with Russia to choose between slavery and life.

Odesa is known for its beaches, warm climate and pleasing atmosphere. Now, locals are building up sand along the shoreline to deter Russian aggression. For several days, Russian warships were stationed just off the coast within view.

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