Russia Destroys Ukraine Grain Supply

Russia Destroys Ukraine Grain Supply

Russia Destroys The One Thing Ukraine NEEDS To Survive

( – In Africa, the Middle East, and other countries, Russia’s war on Ukraine is causing a food crisis as food insecurity grows. On Wednesday, June 23, The Wall Street Journal reported that Ukraine couldn’t export 18 million metric tons of grain due to the war. The news is sparking fears some countries will face starvation while food prices explode in others. Still, Russia said it’s not trying to hinder wheat exports from Ukraine, although new actions by the Kremlin’s military suggest otherwise.

On Wednesday, Russia targeted US and Canadian-owned grain terminals in Mykolaiv, a southern Ukrainian port. Ukrainian and Western officials say Russia is trying to erode the war-torn country’s ability to export food. Additionally, farmers say Russia continues to target bridges they use to transport grains from their locations to the Romanian border and a coastal port. Russian forces have also hit a sunflower oil processing plant and other grain storage facilities.

Ukraine is the world’s fourth-leading exporter of grain. Along the Black Sea, Russia has destroyed numerous ports and created a naval blockade preventing food from leaving the country. Some observers believe Russia is creating food shortages, weaponizing food insecurity to leverage Western pressure against Ukraine.

So, will Russia continue the blockades and bombardments of food supplies and plants? To date, the Kremlin’s actions speak louder than words.

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