Russia Claims Genetically Modified Ukrainian Troops Are Making Invasion Difficult

Russia Claims Genetically Modified Ukrainian Troops Are Making Invasion Difficult

Russia’s BIZARRE Conspiracy Theory For Why They’re Losing The War

( – Super soldiers are common in fiction. Initially, Steve Rogers was a skinny kid until a military experiment re-coded his DNA and turned him into Captain America. Those sci-fi fantasies were born in comic books, but could medical experiments really turn an ordinary soldier into a super soldier?

If you believe Russia, Ukraine has experimented with genetically modifying its soldiers. On Monday, July 19, two Kremlin lawmakers alleged those experiments were the reason its huge army has failed to overtake Ukraine and deliver it to Russian President Vladimir Putin. They say their army was fighting against experimental operatives who were the products of US studies.

Russians Blame Modified Super-Soldiers for Defeats

For nearly six months, military observers suggested Russia’s military may not be as potent as most believed ahead of its invasion of Ukraine. The army failed to hold the northern part of the country and struggled to penetrate Kyiv, ultimately backing out of the region altogether. Forces redeployed to eastern Ukraine to help Russia secure the Donbas region.

Russian Senator Konstantin Kosachev told the Russian media the Kremlin is looking into how Ukrainian soldiers turned into “cruel and deadly monsters” in bio labs. Kosachev is leading the investigation alongside Irina Yarovaya, deputy chair of the State Duma.

The two lawmakers claim investigators tested the blood of Ukrainian soldiers they’d captured on the battlefield. Both leaders say researchers discovered evidence of experimentation on the troops for military purposes, although they provided no evidence that anyone modified the prisoners’ genetics in any way.

The Allegations

Kosachev claimed researchers found substances and extremely dangerous diseases in the Ukrainian men’s blood, but he didn’t specifically cite examples of either. He only alluded to trace pathogens, which he claimed proved experimentation.

The Russian news outlet said Yarovaya claimed the Ukrainian military gave their soldiers performance-enhancing drugs. She said their purpose was to warp the fighters’ minds and eradicate their sense of conscience. In addition, Yarovaya charged Ukraine with committing crimes against prisoners of war and civilians while blaming the United States for creating the atrocious fighters.

Two weeks after Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, Russian state media reported claims the US was operating biological weapons labs in Ukraine. Yet, fact-checkers debunked the conspiracy. It appears that if Russia can’t achieve its special operation to overtake the smaller European country, it’s not because its military is inept or incapable, but because its enemy is using super-soldiers.

So, what do you think? Are genetically modified fighters the culprit for Russia’s struggle in Ukraine, or are the Kremlin’s leaders grasping at straws?

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