Republicans Launch New Attack On Biden’s Son

Rep. Nancy Mace, R-S.C., rebutted CNN host Kaitlan Collins and the idea that her comments about allegations of corruption concerning the Biden family and Hunter Biden’s business dealings were “controversial.”

On April 17, Mace and many other House Oversight Committee members visited the Treasury Department to review documents that related to the Biden family’s business dealings and associations as part of a probe looking into whether the family’s dealings could be a risk to national security.

The “CNN This Morning” host told Macy that her comments were  “quite an allegation to make” and questioned whether the Representative had any “evidence” to back her claims.

In response Mace started off by saying that this is “not a conspiracy theory”  and that there are more than “170 suspicious activity reports.” She proceeded to state that as soon as the video was created when she left the Treasury, the left rushed to call her a “conspiracy theorist.” She added that for years the left has claimed that “no one is above the law” and that if that is the case then they should be open to have a full investigation. She further argued that if the average American saw the evidence and material they were seeing they would also question why there weren’t any further investigations.

She proceeded to state that the allegations she had made were based on what they had read in the previous week, and that while she cannot share details of what they had seen it is necessary for them to have further investigations.