Republicans Defend Military From Democrats

Photo by Elijah Mears on Unsplash

Republican senators are getting ready to claim that the Pentagon’s progressive military policies followed under the Biden administration are responsible for the Armed Forces’ recruitment crisis.

The Senate Armed Services Committee is holding a hearing to discuss the shortage of new troops, which has been called by the Centre for Strategic and International Studies “the worst recruiting crisis since the creation of the All-Volunteer Force nearly 50 years ago.”

Sens. Joni Ernst, R-Iowa, and Rick Scott, R-Fla., members of the committee and military veterans both talked about their own time in service when asked by Fox News Digital about the recruitment crisis.

Scott noted that while he was growing up his family “didn’t have much” and that the Navy was his opportunity to have a better life and education. He added that this is something that many children across the U.S. could benefit from, but the administration has instead been focusing on promoting the “failed agenda of the radical Left” rather than on promoting the opportunities that the military could provide. He added that the military should not be focused on “diversity metric” but rather should focus on “defeating our enemies, our national defense.”

Ernest also told Fox News Digital a similar message about the “military’s purpose” being fighting and not social causes. He added that the Department of Defense needed to quickly take the required action in both recruitment and retention in order to ensure that the U.S. military remains a lethal force.