Republican Official Leaves GOP Over January 6th Riot

Republican Official Leaves GOP Over January 6th Riot

( – In the wake of the January 6, 2021 riot on Capitol Hill, some Republican voters have left the party over principle. In Alaska, a Republican candidate for Congress announced he was switching his affiliation from Republican to Independent. America’s largest state in land mass has one of the smallest populations. Alaska has only one seat in Congress, and incumbent Rep. Don Young is the longest serving Republican member of Congress in US history.

On July 4, 2021, Gregg Brelsford announced his candidacy to take on Young. On Sunday, January 9, the Republican candidate declared himself to no longer be a member of the GOP. He said he’s running as an Independent after suggesting that some Republicans are attacking democracy. In an opinion piece in the Anchorage Daily News, the candidate said he no longer feels at home in the GOP, citing concerns the party is compromising election integrity and democracy.

According to Brelsford, many Alaskans express concerns that both parties are off track. The candidate said he’s still a principled conservative, and nothing has changed except that Alaskans need an independent-minded representative in Congress.

Young said anyone is welcome to file and run for Congress. He said the question is, who can best represent Alaska and get things done for constituents? The incumbent said the state deserves effective representation on Capitol Hill, and that’s what he continues to offer voters.

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