Reporter Calls Out Biden for Claiming to Be “Catholic”

Reporter Calls Out Biden for Claiming to Be

( – Over the last several decades, tensions have built between the Catholic Church and liberal US politicians who take positions contrary to Catholic doctrine and teachings. Politicians often claim while they hold to their personal convictions, they have no right to assert those beliefs while serving in public office. On Wednesday, March 2, a reporter asked President Joe Biden if he was pro-choice despite his Catholic beliefs.

Wednesday was Ash Wednesday, marking the beginning of the holy season of Lent leading up to Easter Sunday. President Biden wore ash on his forehead, traditionally a Catholic symbol marking the start of Lent. A reporter asked Biden, a practicing Catholic, why he supports abortion and defies Catholic teachings on the subject.

Biden stated he didn’t want a debate about theology and wouldn’t judge others’ beliefs. Still, that wasn’t good enough for the reporter, who reminded the president he’s Catholic, insinuating the president was violating church doctrine.

Recently, Bishop of Providence Thomas Tobin pleaded with Pope Francis to challenge Biden on abortion. The Pope regularly states abortion is akin to murder. Tobin said that Biden’s unrelenting support for abortion was an embarrassment to the Catholic Church and a major worldwide scandal of tolerance.

Biden recently stated the Pope told him to continue receiving communion despite criticism from bishops and priests who disapprove of Catholic politicians flouting church teachings.

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