Rep. Tom Suozzi Blasts His Own Party on the NY Gerrymandering Effort

Rep. Tom Suozzi Blasts His Own Party on the NY Gerrymandering Effort

( – For almost a year, President Joe Biden and Democratic leaders argued that Republicans were gerrymandering victories in GOP-led states. Over the last month, state Democrats across the country exposed their hypocrisy. Gerrymandering is the legislative process of creating boundaries to help one party gain an unfair registration advantage over the other. Perhaps the worst gerrymandering in the country is in the heart of one of the deepest blue states in America.

Congressional representative and New York Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Tom Suozzi says it’s blatantly evident that state Democrats and Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) gerrymandered New York’s congressional districts. Unfortunately, he’s a lone wolf howling in the wind. The overwhelming Democratic state is paying him no attention. Still, Suozzi said he’s siding with Republicans as his party wants to increase the number of safe Democratic congressional seats out of New York.

Suozzi argued gerrymandering isn’t a Democratic or Republican issue because the practice doesn’t create enough political competition for voters to hear differing viewpoints in the arena of ideas. The longtime state representative added the practice only helps establishment politicians and said he faced challenges in picking up endorsements because of gerrymandering during his gubernatorial campaign.

The longtime New York Democrat said he likely wouldn’t meet the 25% voting threshold to get put on the ballot this spring. Instead, he’ll need to work to obtain enough signatures in a primary petition campaign. Either way, Suozzi said he would hold Hochul accountable.

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