Red State Democrats Move To Strip Gun Rights

Photo by maxx ❄ on Unsplash

A group of Democratic Georgia state lawmakers has called for a state General Assembly special session in order to address gun safety following the two recent mass shootings in Georgia.

In a letter to Gov. Brian Kemp (R) on Monday the group specifically mentioned the two shootings in midtown Atlanta and Moultrie, Ga., and claimed that these clearly show how the current firearm-related laws in the state are not sufficient to ensure the safety of citizens. They further point out that for years the General Assembly has pushed through legislation that made it easier for “dangerous individuals and individuals experiencing mental health crises” to gain access to firearms.

The group includes state Sen. Nabilah Islam (D) and state Reps. Pedro Marin (D), Gregg Kennard (D), and Ruwa Romman (D). In the letter the four-note how the current situation surrounding guns constitutes a public safety crisis and further note that elected officials have the obligation to address public safety. They add that while they understand that there are differing opinions on how this crisis should be handled it is clear that the situation can no longer be pushed aside.

This letter comes only a week after suspect Deion Patterson, 24, opened fire in an Atlanta-area medical office, which led to one death and four individuals being injured. Patterson has been charged with one count of murder and four counts of aggravated assault. Within that same week, a second shooting occurred in Moultrie, Ga., when a man opened fire inside his place of employment, a McDonald’s restaurant, killing his manager and then himself. According to the report Kentavious White, 26, had murdered his mother and grandmother at their homes.