Reba McEntire Rescued After Staircase Collapses

Reba McEntire Rescued After Staircase Collapses.

( – It’s frightening whenever part of a building collapses and someone is inside. It’s newsworthy when an international superstar gets rescued because of said collapse. On Tuesday, September 14, famed country singer and actress Reba McEntire was touring a 100-year-old historic building in downtown Atoka, OK, for an unknown upcoming project, when a staircase collapsed.

Emergency management officials confirmed that a stairwell between the second and third floor of the old building gave way, trapping people upstairs. One person on the tour said they didn’t realize how weak the stairwell was until a few people went down it and it crashed to the bottom floor. A local television station recorded the famous singer as a fireman helped McEntire down the ladder out of a second-story window. Reports said first responders checked her out on the scene and determined McEntire was healthy.

After the incident, the entertainer issued a short statement acknowledging she was at the site during the collapse and thanked the local police and fire departments for their fast response and help. Fortunately, the singer said no one was seriously hurt in the incident. One person received medical attention at a local hospital for minor injuries.

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