Putin May Be Forced to Withdraw Troops From Ukraine After Problem

Putin May Be Forced to Withdraw Troops From Ukraine After Problem

(TruthandLiberty.com) – Many people question Russian President Vladimir Putin’s mental state after his aggressive actions in Ukraine. According to someone with inside knowledge, the Russian president had some concerning beliefs about how the neighboring nation would receive his military moves.

Mikhail Khodorkovsky, an exiled Russian former oligarch, spoke with BBC Radio 4 about Putin, saying the leader isn’t out of his mind, but his actions align with his typical behavior. Khodorkovsky explained Putin believes going into Ukraine is about freeing the people. He thought they would welcome him cheerfully and praise him for saving them.

The businessman predicted the Russian economy would collapse with more sanctions, forcing Putin to pull troops home. He suggested blocking access to the central bank is an excellent first step and urged world leaders to continue taking such measures.

The aggressive actions of the authoritarian leader will be his downfall, according to Khodorkovsky, who firmly believes Putin will be out of office within a few years. Once the people begin to suffer the economic consequences of his actions, they will force him out. While Russia’s president may be acting atypically, the former oligarch says he seems to live in his own world — and it has started to come crashing down around him.

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