Putin Issues Bold Threat To The U.S.

Kremlin.ru, CC BY 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

(TruthAndLiberty.com) – Russian President Vladimir Putin told reporters in Uzbekistan that should Western countries allow for their weapons to be used by Ukraine to attack Russian soil then there would be “serious consequences.” 

Putin argued that the escalation in the conflict could result in serious consequences. Putin’s comments come after Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and other NATO members have been calling for a direct strike against Russia by Ukraine. However, thus far the United States has opposed such a move. 

Putin also questioned how the United States was going to behave if these consequences took place in Europe, especially considering the parity in their strategic weapons field. He continued by saying that it is hard to say what will occur and even questioned if they wanted the conflict to expand globally. 

In order for Ukraine to strike Russia they would need to rely on Western intelligence data, this means that there might be direct involvement from NATO military personnel in the attack. However, Putin has warned against such a move being made. 

Putin has argued that those representatives of European countries and NATO members needed to be aware of exactly what they were playing with and that in particular, those smaller territories with dense populations should be cautious. 

Ukraine has been struggling with fighting off the Russian forces that have been moving in the Kharkiv region and the country has pointed out that one of the key issues is that it is prohibited from firing U.S. weapons inside Russia. Kyiv has been attempting to reverse this move. 

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