Psaki Reveals White House Collusion with Facebook to Censor Content

White house press conference

( – Some people argue that as a private business, Facebook has the right to censor people. We could also argue it’s the modern-day public square, where people gather to discuss politics and government and therefore enjoy constitutional free speech rights.

Regardless, what if the government is actively engaging with a private company, such as Facebook, to censor the voices of millions of Americans? The problem could be bigger than many of us have been aware. On Thursday, July 15, White House Press Secretary, Jen Psaki, acknowledged that the government is conspiring with Facebook to remove content it labels as “misinformation.”

The Federalist publisher Ben Domenech slammed the administration’s acknowledgment that it’s actively trying to silence Americans. Domenech said he experienced Facebook’s actions firsthand. The Federalist sounded the alarms about a potential Wuhan leak and was censored. Months later, Facebook reversed its policies after President Biden and members of his administration acknowledged it could be a likely source of COVID-19.

It didn’t stop there. What about the Hunter Biden story that was labeled misinformation during the 2020 presidential campaign? It’s widely known that the president’s son is under investigation for tax fraud and other potential misdeeds involving businesses in China and Russia.

Domenech added that while the government’s collusion with Facebook is deeply concerning, it isn’t just about Facebook. Instagram and WhatsApp, both owned by the social media giant, have also taken an active role in silencing America’s voice.

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