Psaki Drops Frightening Gem on Terrorism, Taliban

Psaki Drops Frightening Gem on Terrorism, Taliban

( – It appears that there are no limits to how far White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki and Democrats will go in their pursuit of social justice issues. However, ask them about international terrorists who do unspeakable things, and the story is entirely different.

On Wednesday, Psaki reporters asked about the Taliban’s advancements as the US military pulled out of Afghanistan by President Joe Biden. The press secretary’s answer was revealing.

Psaki must not understand terrorism or what’s happening in Afghanistan. Currently, the Taliban is on a tear as it roots out Afghan government officials and anyone who supports them. The terrorist group reportedly killed thousands of people over the last month in the vacuum of the US military. Psaki’s response was to suggest that a terrorist organization should decide its role in the international community. 

The Taliban made its stance clear decades ago, when it harbored Osama Bin-Laden and continued its horrible tradition of subjugating women, killing homosexuals and all political opposition and inflicting harm on innocent people. The reality is the Taliban doesn’t care what the international community thinks. It’s a terrorist group whose members wish to exact revenge on the people who helped the US put them in their place for 20 years. 

The press secretary invited a serious question: Do Psaki and the Biden administration view the Taliban as a legitimate governmental body? It sure appears that way.

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