Professor Fired For Teaching Real Science

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( – In a contentious turn of events, a biology professor found himself at the center of a controversy that led to his alleged termination from a community college in Texas. Dr. Johnson Varkey, a dedicated educator with an extensive background in biology, faced serious repercussions for simply teaching students a fundamental aspect of human biology – the role of X and Y chromosomes in determining sex. The incident unfolded at St. Philip’s College in San Antonio, where Varkey’s commitment to scientific accuracy collided with differing perspectives on sensitive topics.

Coming to Varkey’s defense was the First Liberty Institute, a prominent law firm specializing in religious liberty in America. They took up his case, penning a detailed letter addressed to the college administration. In the letter, First Liberty underscored the fact that Varkey’s dismissal in January 2023 was a direct consequence of his inclusion of scientific information regarding the X and Y chromosomes and the reproductive process involving male and female individuals. What made this situation particularly perplexing was the fact that Varkey had been presenting this material consistently throughout his two-decade-long tenure, without a single incident or complaint until now.

The catalyst for the controversy occurred on November 28, 2022, during one of Varkey’s lectures, when four students staged a protest and walked out. These students, dismayed by the inclusion of the chromosomal determination of sex, filed formal complaints against Varkey. They accused him of veering into “religious preaching, discriminatory comments about homosexuals and transgender individuals, anti-abortion rhetoric, and misogynistic banter.” These allegations went beyond questioning Varkey’s teaching methods and sought to cast doubt on his professional integrity, insinuating that his teachings were influenced by personal biases.

However, it is worth noting that Varkey was strictly adhering to a school-approved curriculum rooted in scientific principles. His teachings were based on empirical evidence and recognized biological concepts, ensuring that the information imparted to students was both accurate and relevant. Despite this adherence to academic standards, St. Philip’s College determined that Varkey’s teachings were religious in nature, leading to his subsequent dismissal.

First Liberty, in its pursuit of justice and academic freedom, fervently advocated for Varkey’s reinstatement. The law firm presented a compelling argument, asserting that all of Varkey’s teachings were firmly grounded in his extensive education and experience as a biology professor. They emphasized that at no point did Varkey inject his personal views into the classroom discussions or impose them upon his students. Instead, his primary focus remained the dissemination of knowledge and scientific understanding, fostering an environment of critical thinking and intellectual growth.

The battle over Dr. Johnson Varkey’s termination from St. Philip’s College raises important questions regarding academic freedom, the limits of expression within the educational system, and the balance between scientific rigor and personal beliefs. As this controversy continues to unfold, it serves as a reminder of the ongoing challenges faced by educators in presenting objective scientific facts while navigating the diverse perspectives and sensitivities of their students.

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