Presidential Record Breakers

Presidential Record Breakers

( – The United States has had 46 different presidents since 1789, and many have set noteworthy milestones in that time. Some accomplishments have been admirable, some regrettable and others simply unusual. Here are a few record-setting examples.

Shortest Time in Office

William Henry Harrison was inaugurated in February 1841 after a successful military career. Before becoming president, he was most famous for leading the settlements to victory against Tecumseh’s forces at the Battle of Tippecanoe.

He won the Electoral College comfortably (234-60) after the Whigs picked him as their nominee, but his tenure proved ill-fated. He caught a cold, which developed into pneumonia soon after taking office, and died on April 4, 1841, after just 32 days as president. He was the first president to die in office, and his remains the shortest term to this day.

Youngest President

At 43 years and 236 days, John F. Kennedy(D) was the youngest person ever elected president when he beat Richard Nixon(R) in 1960. Theodore Roosevelt(R) was just 42 years of age when he became president, but he wasn’t elected; he took office after William McKinley’s assassination in 1901 and won the election in 1904.

First President Born Outside the Contiguous States

America’s contiguous states (the 48 that touch each other) gave us every president until 2008 when Hawaiian-born Barack Obama(D) was elected ahead of GOP nominee John McCain. Obama is perhaps more famous for being the first person of color to become president.

Tallest President

Abraham Lincoln(R) is famed for his height; at 6’4”, he holds the record as the tallest-ever president. He was also described as having long and oddly-proportioned limbs, which has led some historians to speculate he may have had Marfan Syndrome. This uncommon genetic condition distorts connective tissue development; it was discovered decades after Lincoln’s death.

First American-Born President

Technically speaking, Martin Van Buren(D) was the first president born in the United States of America. His predecessors were from the same geographical area, but, born in 1782, Van Buren was the first to come along after the American Revolutionary War. The seven presidents that came before him were born British subjects.

The American presidency has a rich history, full of amazing facts and impressive statesmen. These are just some of the interesting records held by past occupants of the White House; we could have written a book on the subject!

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