Pete Buttigieg Wants More Bikes and Fewer Cars on the Road

Pete Buttigieg Wants More Bikes and Less Cars on the Road

( – Over the last year, Democrats sought to pass numerous burdensome laws. One proposal would force banks to report any withdrawals or deposits in excess of $600 per month. Now, Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg is proposing making life more difficult for the average American under the guise of saving lives. On Thursday, January 27, Buttigieg said he intends to make it more difficult for Americans to drive their cars.

As if the average American commute to and from work isn’t long enough, Buttigieg wants more road lanes dedicated to bicycles and buses and fewer lanes for cars. To protect bicyclists and pedestrians, the transportation secretary recommends installing speed cameras, adding more law enforcement and lowering speed limits.

Why the need for the proposal? Strangely enough, Buttigieg isn’t citing global change. Instead, he says traffic death totals rose in 2021 over 2020. Would that really be a shocker, given the country was locked down for months on end by governors’ orders?

To make his proposals a reality, Buttigieg said the Department of Transportation would offer guidance and $5 billion in grants over the next two years to states that lower their speed limits, create dedicated bike and bus lanes, increase lighting and add crosswalks.

So, will Americans embrace Buttigieg’s vision?

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