Pete Buttigieg Says US Supports Marshall Plan Rebuild of Ukraine

Pete Buttigieg Says US Supports Marshall Plan Rebuild of Ukraine

Top Democrat Announces Another Multi-Billion Dollar Project

( – In the wake of World War II, much of Europe was in tatters after Nazi Germany’s bombing raids and battles destroyed swaths of infrastructure after years of fighting. In 1948, the US provided over $15 billion to help rebuild cities, industries, and infrastructure across the continent. The four-year plan was the brain trust of Secretary of State George C. Marshall. Now, US Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg suggests the US should do the same for Ukraine despite Russia’s ongoing war against the country.

On Monday, May 23, Buttigieg argued the United States should appropriate money and resources to help Ukraine, much as it did in 1948. Buttigieg said that while Ukraine still needed ongoing humanitarian and military aid, policymakers needed to focus on the future even though Ukraine is still under attack. In an interview with the Guardian, Buttigieg asserted the world needs to consider Ukraine’s future and long-term economic viability.

The Transportation Secretary said talks with his Ukrainian counterpart were productive and inspiring, and Ukraine recognizes it needs to rebuild the Soviet-era infrastructure that the former Soviet bloc country inherited from the failed communist state. Still, Buttigieg admitted that while Russia hammers away on parts of Ukraine, the move feels premature. Nonetheless, he said Ukrainian leaders are already beginning to plan for the future while defending their homeland today.

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