Pelosi’s Dictatorship

Pelosi's Dictatorship

( – It’s common for former leaders to comment on those currently in charge. While many offer constructive criticism, others are on the attack, like former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich. The Republican had plenty to say about how Nancy Pelosi runs the lower house, and none of it was good.

Gingrich said Pelosi, the current Speaker, is a dictator and runs the House of Representatives like a dictatorship. The former Georgia congressman served as the 50th House Speaker from 1995-1999.

Gingrich claimed Pelosi was likely the most dangerous Speaker in US history, asserting she’s used her power ruthlessly and has taken very radical positions. The former Speaker also mentioned Pelosi repeatedly violated the US Constitution.

The Republican attacked Pelosi, claiming her chamber of Congress was once called the House of Representatives, but now it’s only a Pelosi dictatorship. He used the most recent impeachment attempt against former President Trump as an example of the Democrat utilizing the extent of her power.

Gingrich noted Pelosi lives in a gated, exclusive San Francisco enclave. He explained Pelosi has been in politics for such a long time, she embodies a political machine from an older time, and she doesn’t mind breaking rules and will use her power to steamroll people in her way.

Gingrich blamed the Canadian government’s actions against the Freedom Convoy on Pelosi, claiming she inspired them to act like a dictatorship. The past Speaker added the division people are seeing everywhere is really the result of the “Pelosi effect.”

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