Pelosi Isn’t Backing Biden’s Gas Tax Holiday

Pelosi Isn't Backing Biden's Gas Tax Holiday

Pelosi Turns Her Back On Biden

( – As the national average of gasoline hovers near $5 per gallon, the Biden administration appears incapable of doing anything to bring down prices. On June 14, The American Petroleum Institute said the president’s hostile policies toward energy companies were the root of the problem. Yet, administration officials continue to lay blame everywhere but on the image staring at them in the mirror. Now, Biden is proposing a gimmick. He’s asking Congress to authorize a three-month gas tax holiday and encouraging states to follow his lead. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) may disagree with the plan.

On Wednesday, June 22, Pelosi said she’ll see if there is consensus in Congress to go along with Biden’s idea. Still, her response appeared tepid for a political leader often ready to praise the president on a whim. Perhaps her lukewarm answer stems from most Democrats’ lack of belief that a gas tax holiday will make much of a dent in prices at the pump?

White House officials told the Washington Post privately economists have reservations about the plan, as do several top officials at the Treasury Department. Still, Pelosi is a significant factor in legislative proposals as the Speaker of the House. Perhaps her response wasn’t a “no” but a tempering of expectations. Over the last several months, Pelosi has gone after oil and gas companies, alleging without proof that they’ve been gouging Americans.

Stay tuned. The political landscape is shifting almost daily as Democrats struggle with the political ramifications of high gas prices and inflation.

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