Parent Loses Custody of Children After Not Vaccinating Them

Parent Loses Custody of Children After Not Vaccinating Them

( – The COVID-19 insanity continues. The recent emergence of the Omicron variant has pushed pandemic fears through the roof, prompting people to act in ways they normally wouldn’t. Recently, a father lost custody of his children due to his family’s vaccination status. The man of New Brunswick, Canada, has three children, including an immunocompromised 10-year-old daughter.

Court Ruling

Late in January, Judge Nathalie Godbout ruled in favor of a mother after she requested alteration of a custody agreement. The father and mother, not named in the court filings, split in 2019 but agreed to share custody of their children. However, the mother wanted that changed after the father and his new wife asserted that they weren’t getting the COVID-19 inoculation. According to CBC News, the former couple’s 10-year-old daughter is undergoing treatment for non-cancerous tumors in her blood vessels.

Judge Godbout admitted her decision came with a heavy heart but mentioned it was in the children’s best interest, especially the daughter. Godbout also ruled the mother could have the children vaccinated regardless of the father’s consent. The court noted if the father vaccinates, he can file for an urgent request to regain custody. Until then, the Canadian Press reports he’ll only be able to contact them via phone or video calls.

Research Doesn’t Matter

During the court case, the father asserted he had researched the efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccine. However, Judge Godbout discarded the information, explaining the man’s research carried little weight compared to the medical studies public health officials conducted. She asserted there was no contest between the father’s plan to wait and see and the current science indicating the vaccines were safe.

Unlike most custody battles, the mother isn’t trying to take the kids from their father. She understands the move will be harmful but believes the risk of getting COVID-19 is greater. The mother says it’s in the best interest of her children and their health for them to receive the vaccine.

The court ruling may claim to be protecting the children and their safety, but it still sets a scary precedent. Will the choice not to take the COVID-19 vaccine tear apart more families? How far will this go? This case isn’t the first time a man has lost his children over his vaccination status. The BBC reported a man in Quebec lost his 12-year-old from December to February over his choice to remain unvaccinated.

Will this be the new tactic for pushy governments moving forward? Is this how they’ll coerce everyone into taking the vaccine?

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