Palestinian Prime Minister Claims Jewish Temple Never Stood in Jerusalem

Palestinian Prime Minister Claims Jewish Temple Never Stood in Jerusalem

Palestine Prime Minister Gets Caught Telling SINISTER Lie About Israel

( – For centuries, archeologists, historians, and theologians have studied the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. According to historical documents, King Solomon built the First Temple in 957 BCE. Around 587 BCE, Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar II totally destroyed the Jewish temple. From 37 BCE to 4 AD, Herrod the Great rebuilt the structure, which the Romans plundered in 87. Now, one Palestinian leader claims the Jewish place of worship never existed.

Modern Jews, Christians, and Muslims consider the Temple Mount a holy site. Yet, many Muslims have discredited the Jewish claims to it. Followers of Islam refer to the Temple Mount as the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and it’s their third holiest site. On Wednesday, June 8, Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh alleged that over the last 55 years, Israeli archeologists failed to find even a trace that the Temple Mount ever served as a Jewish temple.

In 2011, Smithsonian Magazine demonstrated that Shtayyeh’s allegations are nothing new. Archeological evidence in and around the Temple Mount has validated the structure’s history. Researchers found artifacts from the second millennium BCE, a bronze coin dating to a Jewish revolt against Rome from AD 66-70, and another coin that dated the Crusaders in Jerusalem during the middle ages.

In 1967, Israel occupied East Jerusalem during the Arab-Israeli war. In 1980, the Jewish county annexed the city, though the international community never recognized Israel’s ownership claims. The debate over religious rights to the region has continued to fuel tensions between the opposing groups.

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