Olympic Ratings Tank As World Tries to Coddle Communist China

Olympic Ratings Tank As World Tries to Coddle Communist China

(TruthandLiberty.com) – On Friday, February 4, the Olympic Games kicked off in Beijing, China. Many Americans weren’t as enthused as they’d been over past Winter Olympic games. In the wake of the 2020 pandemic, in 2019, China didn’t cooperate with international health officials seeking to learn how COVID-19 started in the communist state. Additionally, China’s human rights violations prompted US leaders to institute a diplomatic boycott.

On Friday night, the ceremony drew approximately 14 million American viewers for a 43% drop-off over 2018, making it one of the least-viewed opening ceremonies in the history of the Olympics. In 2018, 23.8 million US viewers watched the Pyeongchang, South Korea, Winter Olympic games. In primetime programming, only 8.7 million watched NBC’s coverage of the ceremony.

The ratings performed even lower than the 2021 Summer Olympic games in Tokyo, which averaged 17 million viewers throughout the summer games. The initial viewership of the Beijing games is at an all-time low for NBC.

Over the few weeks leading up to the Beijing games, Republicans expressed concern about athletes’ safety. The GOP wanted the Olympic Committee to inform US competitors about China’s human rights abuses and the risks of using their personal phones due to data security concerns.

Republicans say the communist state’s genocide record and Olympic Committee’s unwillingness to change the 2022 Winter Olympic location made the games an unprecedented threat to US athletes and values. Perhaps other countries should start holding China accountable for its actions, too?

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