Oil Executives Release a Solid 10-Step Plan To Put Energy Back on Track

Oil Executives Release a Solid 10-Step Plan To Put Energy Back on Track

Biden Handed Perfect Plan To Fix Energy Crisis – But He Won’t Listen

(TruthandLiberty.com) – Over the last year, President Joe Biden has blamed everyone but himself for the explosive rise in gas prices. Biden blamed the fast-paced increase in fuel costs on the COVID-19 pandemic, Putin’s price hike, and now gasoline refiners. On Tuesday, June 14, the president forwarded a letter to the heads of numerous oil and gas companies. He blamed the industry for the rising prices and boldly stated they were unpatriotic because they pursued profits. On Tuesday, the energy companies pushed back on the president’s assertion.

The American Petroleum Institute (API) released a letter responding to Biden’s attack and threats to use emergency orders to force them to refine more oil. The association said the problems were at the feet of the administration and laid out a 10-point plan that could help America long-term. Energy leaders noted no short-term fixes to the problem exist and added America needs to go in a different direction to end the crisis.

Energy Companies Respond to Biden’s Threats

In responding to Biden’s threats, the API wrote the president’s policies were responsible for the crisis. It said Biden restricted oil and gas development inside the US, canceled energy infrastructure projects, created regulatory uncertainty, and proposed new taxes on oil and gas producers who compete with international companies on a global scale.

The API said its 10-point plan offered a different direction than the one enacted by the Biden administration. The plan encourages Biden to:

  1. Lift restrictions on oil and gas on federal land and water by reinstating sales and leases on federal lands and waters and quickly issuing a 5-year oil drilling program
  2. Ask Congress to pass legislation building critical energy infrastructure to support producing, processing, and delivering energy
  3. Revise the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) to reduce governmental burdens and improve the permitting process
  4. Streamline the approval process by revising the Natural Gas Act to streamline the Department of Energy (DOE)
  5. End the Securities and Exchange Commission’s burdensome, ineffective, and costly climate disclosure proposal and end artificial constraints based on government-preferred investments
  6. Relieve port congestion, so energy companies can receive equipment needed for energy development
  7. Ask Congress to extend tax credits for carbon energy provisions
  8. Ensure stability in federal rulemaking to allow refineries to use existing technologies to produce fuels for international energy markets
  9. Stop the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) from overstepping its permitting authority and obstructing natural gas projects
  10. Support the training of future energy workers to ensure a stable workforce

API President and CEO Mike Sommers said if the Biden administration accepted the plan, it would create a new era of collaboration between the private sector and the government, and industry could meet America’s energy needs. Still, he warned America wouldn’t get back on its energy feet immediately, and Biden must act now.

The White House maintains the US doesn’t need to drill for more oil, and US companies must increase refinery capacity. On Wednesday, the American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers refuted the administration’s claim that companies weren’t refining at full capacity. In fact, the trade group noted US refineries are at or near maximum refining capacity.

So, is the White House playing politics with something it already knows?

Is this a case of more misinformation?

You decide.

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