Ohio Governor Signs New Bill To Allow Guns for School Employees

Ohio Governor Signs New Bill To Allow Guns for School Employees

GOP Governor Takes Bold Action Against School Shooting Crises

(TruthandLiberty.com) – In recent months, America has grown more concerned about how to protect kids from school shootings. It appears the legislature and governor in Ohio created a new means for teachers to protect themselves and their students. On Monday, June 13, Gov. Mike DeWine (R) signed legislation allowing teachers, staff, and school administrators to carry guns in schools beginning this fall.

The new law lowers the gun training requirement from 700 to 4 hours of simulated exercises or scenario-based training and 8 hours of annual training. The law also requires gun holders in schools to receive 20 hours of first-aid training, learn the history of school shootings, and study reunification education to reunite parents and children in crisis situations safely. The Ohio School Safety Center must approve the training programs.

Gov. DeWine noted that he preferred schools to hire armed school resource officers over teachers arming themselves in the classroom. Still, he told the Associated Press the optional program allowed individuals to decide the best way to protect children in a mass shooting situation. Democratic big-city mayors criticized the legislation and Republican lawmakers for not introducing gun control policies.

In 2021, the Ohio Supreme Court ruled school employees could bring guns on campus with approval from local school boards and adequate completion of peace officer training. The new law replaces the court order.

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