Officer Murdered in First Shift, Leaves Behind Wife and Child

Officer Murdered in First Shift, Leaves Behind Wife and Child

( – On Saturday, October 9, America lost another brave man in blue to a senseless killing. Georgia Police Officer Dylan Harrison was shot dead in the line of duty just outside the Alamo, Georgia, police station. Harrison began his law enforcement career in 2018.

Unfortunately, his first day on the job as a part-time officer with the Alamo Police Department ended when an assailant murdered Harrison in front of the police department. He also worked full-time at a nearby county as a Drug Task Force agent. Authorities believed it was a revenge ambush murder.

On Saturday, Officer Harrison pulled over a vehicle for a traffic violation. The person in question refused to cooperate and even pushed Harrison at one point. Harrison tased and arrested the uncooperative suspect. Sometime after the incident, an assailant shot and killed the police officer in an ambush-style retaliation.

The authorities issued a $17,500 reward for information leading to the arrest of Damien Anthony Ferguson, a known friend of the arrested individual. Police issued a statewide alert for Ferguson’s arrest. On Sunday, police arrested Ferguson for the officer’s death without incident.

Officer Harrison left behind a wife and a 6-month-old child. A GoFundMe memorial page had raised nearly $95,000 for Officer Harrison’s family as of Tuesday morning. Since January, criminals have taken the lives of five Georgia police officers, and in 2020, seven Georgia officers died in the line of duty.

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