Ocasio-Cortez Furious GOP Wants Communist Cuba to Fail


(TruthandLiberty.com) – When some members of the far-Left talk, it’s a clear indictment of the quality of the educational system. But on Wednesday, July 21, many must have wondered exactly what rock Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez had been living under for the past few weeks. She directed a volcano of rage towards GOPers over a surprising current event.

Cubans continue to fight back against their own communist government, demanding freedom from tyranny. Republicans have been pleading with President Joe Biden to intervene in the tense situation by ensuring Cuban’s have internet access and the ability to communicate broadly with one another.

To put it plainly, they also hope the communist state fails once and for all. Such an event would ultimately result in better lives for citizens living under its oppression.

However, the GOP’s opposition to communism apparently came as a surprise to AOC. It appears she is only now discovering the GOP isn’t a fan of socialist dictators. The representative recently babbled about her disappointment, accusing Republicans of making the situation about them. AOC also said the Right should center their efforts on human rights and free speech instead.

Hello, is she listening? The far-left squad member blamed the United States for being an aggressor against Cuba while also laying the “groundwork for regime change” as if it wasn’t a US tactic since 1959.

She spends so much time blaming America and protecting bad actors that one journalist questioned if her initials, AOC, stand for “Always Open for Communists.”

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